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10 Common Habits That Can Destroy Your Teeth


Teeth are important both for health and beauty. We all know how important it is to brush and floss, but do we know about all the things we shouldn’t do? Read on and find out which common habits can harm your teeth so you can avoid doing them.


  1. If You Smoke

Smoking is generally harmful to your health, but one of the things people don’t usually talk about is how damaging it is for your teeth. It will stain them and cause gum disease. Also, it is the biggest risk factor for cancer of the mouth.


  1. If You Drink Coffee

Coffee is not that bad for you, but it certainly is for your teeth, because the acid in it can yellow them.


  1. Tongue Piercings Are Dangerous

Piercing your tongue can look really cool, but the metal in your mouth can damage the teeth. So, if you have one of these, try not to bite on it.


  1. If You Drink Soda

These wonderful refreshing drinks will make your dentist cringe. There’s so much sugar in them, that could never be good for your teeth. You might think that taking diet drinks will be great for your teeth, but the problem is that, while diet drinks have less sugar, they could be more acidic.


  1. If You Drink Red Wine

Your tooth enamel will lose it’s battle against red wine because of the acids it contains. Also, the pigments in red wine will stain the teeth.


  1. If You Drink White Wine

Just because it’s lighter in color, doesn’t mean it’s less harmful to your teeth. It still contains acids that can destroy the enamel of your teeth. The good thing is that you can help your teeth significantly by brushing them after drinking wine.


  1. If You Chew on Ice

During the summer, this can be a favorite “snack” for some people, but it’s a very bad habit because ice can and will damage your teeth if you bite too hard.


  1. Eating Gummy Bears

Gummy candy is sticky, so it stays between your teeth longer. That’s why you should avoid it, and if you can’t, eat them with meals and brush your teeth afterward.


  1. Cough Drops Are Dangerous

These are a life savior when you cough, but they are as bad as candy when it comes to dental health. So, next time you need these, take them, but brush, brush, brush.


  1. Opening Products with Teeth Can Do Serious Damage

This is a no brainer. Doing this can damage your teeth, so avoid it.

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