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Gum Treatment

One of the most over looked problem in your oral cavity is gum disease and it could also be the most devastating. It is mostly chronic, invisible and the disease is usually fairly advanced when you do display symptom.

There are two major stages of periodontal disease: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis affects only the gums. It is a mild form of gum disease, and if properly treated, may be reversed. Left untreated, gingivitis turns into periodontitis. During this more destructive disease stage, bacteria penetrate into the deeper pockets of tissue where bone and membrane support your teeth. Periodontitis can lead to tooth loss and serious health problems, such as heart disease.

How your dentist treats your gum disease is largely dependent upon the stage of your infection and the amount of deterioration involving your gums, teeth, supporting tissues and bone. After reviewing your Digital X-rays and performing a thorough periodontal exam, we here at Pacific Dental Group will discuss your treatment options, answer questions, and provide treatments that best fit your budget and needs.

Stage of Gum Diseases
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Advanced Periodontitis

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