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Father’s Day


Does the third Sunday in June ring a bell with you? Probably not, although it has been celebrated every year for almost a century as Father’s Day.

We seem to have a day for almost everyone and everything to be honored, so why not fathers? Ironically, the idea for Father’s Day all started when a lady heard a Mother’s Day sermon and decided that she didn’t want all that her dad had done for her to go unrecognized. When you think about Father’s Day, what comes to your mind? Can you relate to the lady who was concerned about taking her father for granted?

Honoring fathers is important. After all, the Bible commands us to honor them; but, this year, think of Father’s Day with a new twist. Take some time to consider all your Heavenly Father has done for you and how you might be taking Him for granted.

Things you can do to make this Father’s Day special

  • Write a letter or make a phone call just to say, “thanks.”
  • Try to get into his world for a change and spend time doing something with your dad that he enjoys.
  • Have a conversation that doesn’t have anything to do with getting money from him.
  • Focus on all the positive things he has been in your life so far. Realize that God has placed that person in your life for a reason and be thankful.



Pacific dental group wish all the fathers happy fathers day!


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