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February – National Children Teeth Month


Oral health is important, especially for young ones as their teeth are only starting to grow. When kept unclean, long-term effects or conditions may arise, including bad breath or halitosis.

Reports show that American students miss 51 million hours of school every year because of oral health problems. And students who are absent miss critical instruction time—especially in early grades where reading skills are an important focus and the building blocks of future learning. And students who have experienced recent oral health pain are four times more likely to have lower grade point averages than their counterparts who have not.

Healthy Kid’s Teeth with the 2-2-2 Rule

Help keep your child’s teeth healthy by using the 2-2-2 rule: visit your dentist TWO times a year, and brush and floss TWO times a day for TWO whole minutes!

How Do You Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth?

Our pediatric dentists recommend parents follow the Tell, Show, Do model:

TELL: In age-appropriate language, explain how to brush and floss and how those actions keep teeth clean and healthy.

• SHOW: Let children watch when mom or dad brush and floss his or her own teeth.
• DO: Help children brush and floss their teeth in the morning and before bed, and keep a regular routine so they know it’s expected. Continue helping to brush a child’s teeth until they’re age 4 or 5. After that, let them do it themselves, but supervise them until age 7 or 8. Children and adults should brush for two minutes, twice a day.

Pacific dental group remind all the parents, if you don’t want your kid to suffer from such conditions that ma affect both their health and self-confidence, it is best to start the habit of cleaning the teeth and mouth as early as possible.

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