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Star Festival Events in August



Star Festival is coming! Do you have already plans for the celebration with your lover?  Introducing some upcoming events in great Los Angeles area that can bring your date.


Star Festival is the known as Qixi Festival in Chinese and Tanabata Festival in Japanese. Its believed originating from the China and later adopted by other Asian Cultures widely. It’s the celebration of the meeting of two Star Lovers, the Ox Herder and the Weaver Princess. They are separated by the Milky Way and only get to meet once a year. Paper lanterns adorned with wishes rustle in the air. It’s a family -friendly event that exposes all to Asian culture.


The original event day is July 7th. Despite Japanese have adopted new calendar, Chinese are still holding the event under old Chinese calendar, therefore the event day will be different every year. August 8th is the day of 2016.



[Tanabata Festival Opening Ceremony]

Date: August 8th

Loaction: (Japanese American National Museum) 152 N. Central Ave., Los Angeles / 100 N. Central Ave., Los Angeles

Time: 5pm ~ 8pm

The festival provides an opportunity to bring together diverse segments of Southern California’s Japanese American community in a fun and festive event with colorful kazari, Japanese ornaments up to 7 feet tall are on display in front of the Geffin at MOCA. Southern California organizations, families, and individuals are encouraged to join in the celebration by creating their own kazari decorations to display at the Tanabata Festival.


[Nisei Week]

Date: August 13-21

Loaction: Little Tokyo, Downtown

Time: *11am – 6pm


Nisei Week is a series of events that are held in Little Tokyo during the month of August. The Festival will offer arts and crafts, traditional Japanese festival foods, games and live entertainment.


There are so many events crammed in two weeks, so planning your trip is critical and necessary for you and your family because most of us won’t go more than a few times during these two weeks. With Los Angeles traffic on the 10, 405 & 110 freeways and downtown parking, it will be crowded.


Our Recommendations

August 14 :

— Nisei Week Parade -> JACCC Plaza & Building -> Tanabata Festival -> Broke Monument

August 21:

— Ondo Dance & Closing Ceremonies -> JACCC Plaza & Building -> Tanabata Festival -> Broke Monument


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