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Summer fruits that should be a part of your daily diet


Blazing heat, sweaty bodies and dehydration all indicate the arrival of summer. With the temperature rising every passing day, it is essential to pay heed to our health or else one can suffer serious consequences.


  1. Mango

The king of fruits is an absolute delight during the summer and is available at almost every stall. It doesn’t just have a distinctive flavor and smell, but also contains a number of vitamins and Nutrient.


  1. Papaya

This delectable tropical fruit can be used ripe, unripe or dried. Its various medical advantages have made it mainstream in all parts of the world.


  1. Watermelon

Talk about summers and the first fruit to come to anyone’s mind is watermelon. They are the brand ambassadors of summer and are the most demanded fruits of the season.


  1. Plums

These soft, round-shaped fruits are small but are a powerhouse of nutrients. They consist of dietary fibers, sorbitol, which are great relievers of constipation and digestive problems.


  1. Litchi

The litchi is a glorious fruit and comes to us just in time for summer, together with the king of fruit – mango, which perhaps explains why it has to play second fiddle all the time.


Summer is here, Pacific dental group wish you can add these summer fruits in your regular diet and make the most of their essential nutrients.






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