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Thoughts We have Halfway Through Summer !


We are officially halfway through summer, and many, including myself, are starting to realize that all the daydreams we had in class about our summers weren’t exactly realistic. The reality of summer has been a little different than the previous visions of no class, no homework, days in the sun at the beach or pool, and the endless nights with friends we daydreamed about in class. Here are 15 thoughts we have during our “fun in the sun,” when our summers don’t quite turn out the way we hoped they would.

  1. Why are all my friends in super cool places and I’m not?
  2. Is it normal to spend this much time on Netflix during the summer?
  3. How fun can the Caribbean reallybe?
  4. France looks super boring actually. I’m glad I’m not there.
  5. It’s been 30 seconds; there is probably new stuff on social media, right?
  6. Time to kick it in gear! No more laziness!
  7. I’m gonna come back to school super hot!
  8. I’m gonna lose 20 pounds.
  9. Everyone is going to be so impressed!
  10. I should probably go to Lulu to prepare for my transformation.
  11. Okay, well, now I can’t pay for college, but that’s okay. I’m gonna look super hot!
  12. Whoa, shopping makes you tired…
  13. Maybe I should take a nap before I start my transformation…
  14. I’m hungry.
  15. Let’s start tomorrow, because I will for surebe more motivated!

Pacific dental group wish you had a great summer and don’t forget to maintain your good habits to keep your teeth health.

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