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Valentine is almost here


Valentine is almost coming; do you ready to prepare the gifts to your love one?

When you thinking about what to send as a gift, the first thing will pop out, probably is Chocolate.  So why do we eat chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

The tradition of eating chocolate on Valentine’s Day was started by a dedicated marketing campaign by Richard Cadbury in the 1840s. The marketing move occurred as Cadbury had developed a more palatable chocolate recipe. The culture of celebrating Valentine’s Day had also taken hold in Victorian England.

Prior to the introduction of chocolate into Valentine’s Day celebrations, the English-speaking world celebrated by sending love letters and gifts to their loved ones. Richard Cadbury capitalized on the trend by creating customized chocolate boxes with beautiful design and Valentine’s Day imagery. Chaucer first mentioned St. Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday in 1382.

So pick or you can cook your favorite chocolate to your partner and make them surprise.

Pacific dental group suggestion while you share the delicious chocolate with your other half, don’t take too much because sugar can lead to many dental problems. However, the great news is that it is possible to ward off tooth decay and tooth erosion by means of simply brushing at least twice per day and flossing daily.

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