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Ways to Get Straight Teeth Without Braces: The Options


If you’re an adult looking to maintain a professional image, traditional braces may not be the best option for treating your malocclusion (improper bite). It is important to note that while you may be looking for ways to straighten teeth without braces at home, taking orthodontic care into your own hands without consulting a dentist is not safe or effective. An orthodontist can help you to find the right treatments and devices to safely and efficiently realign your teeth. Some options your orthodontist recommends may include:


  1. Retainers
  2. Appliances
  3. Invisalign


While retainers and appliances are often effective for straightening teeth, they are still visible when you speak, laugh, or smile, meaning that they are not as discreet as many adults’ orthodontic patients would like. This is why Invisalign is an excellent option for busy adults who don’t want to advertise to the world that they are in the process of straightening their teeth.

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