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Why You Should Be Brushing Your Tongue


Coffee turns it brown, red wine turns it red. The truth is, your tongue is just as much of a target for bacteria as your teeth are, even if it is not at risk for developing cavities itself.

“Bacteria will accumulate greatly in the areas of the tongue between the taste buds and other tongue structures,” says John D.Kling, DDS, of Alexandria, Virginia. “It’s not smooth. There are crevices and elevations all over the tongue, and the bacteria will hide in these areas unless it is removed.”

These bacteria can lead to bad breath and even tooth damage. Because of this, it’s necessary to physically remove the bacteria by brushing or cleaning.

Kling says you should brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth. It’s pretty simple:

  • Brush back and forth
  • brush side to side
  • Rinse your mouth with water

Be careful not to over brush, though. You don’t want to break the skin!

Pacific dental group reminds you that tongue brushing is an easy addition to your daily dental routine, making it a regular habit.

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